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These are the terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) governing your participation in the Chiropractic Education Online virtual event session, (the “Virtual Event”). By registering for the Virtual Event you agree to these terms, which form a binding legal contract between the Virtual Event owner and host, Chiropractic Education Online and the registered participant (“you” or “Participant”). 

If you are registering on behalf of another individual, it is your responsibility to ensure the person participating is aware of these terms and accepts them. By completing the registration on behalf of another individual you are warranting that you have made the Participant aware of these terms and that they have accepted these terms.
Limitations on Use. By registering for a Chiropractic Education Online Virtual Event you agree not to sell, trade, transfer or share your access link and/or code, unless such transfer is granted by the Organiser. By registering for Chiropractic Education Online Virtual Event, you agree not to share, sell or trade your access. If Chiropractic Education Online determines that you have violated this policy, Chiropractic Education Online may cancel your access, retain any payments made by you, report you to law enforcement authorities, and ban you from future Virtual Events.
Disruptive Conduct. You acknowledge and agree that Chiropractic Education Online reserves the right to remove you from the Virtual Event if Chiropractic Education Online, in its sole discretion, determines that your participation or behaviour create a disruption or hinder the Virtual Event or the enjoyment of the Virtual Event content by other attendees.
Recording, Live Streaming, and Videotaping. Participants may not record or broadcast audio or video of sessions at Patient Visit Average Mastery Virtual Events.
Unethical/Non-Compliant Business Practices. Chiropractic Education Online reserves the right to deny participation to anyone who engages in or is reputed to engage in unethical or non-compliant business practices.
In addition to the requirements and prohibitions set forth in this Section, Chiropractic Education Online may also exclude any prospective participant from registering for or participating in any Virtual Event, in Chiropractic Education Online sole discretion.
Chiropractic Education Online strives to provide you with the most productive and effective experience possible. If after attending a Virtual Event you feel there is some way we can improve, please provide us in writing with your comments on the evaluation provided upon arrival. We will evaluate individual complaints in a context of collective comments from the Virtual Event. 

As speakers are confirmed months before the Virtual Event, some speaker changes or topic changes may occur in the program. Chiropractic Education Online is not responsible for speaker changes, but will work to ensure a comparable speaker is located to participate in the program.
All intellectual property rights in and to the Virtual Event, the Virtual Event content, and all materials distributed at or in connection with the Virtual Event are owned by Chiropractic Education Online or the Virtual Event sponsors or speakers presenting at the Virtual Event. 

You may not use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce any trademarks or other trade names appearing at the Virtual Event, in any Virtual Event content or in any materials distributed at or in connection with the Virtual Event for any reason without the prior written permission of Patient Visit Average Mastery.
For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to vest in you any legal or beneficial right in or to any trademarks or other intellectual property rights owned or used under license by Chiropractic Education Online or any of its affiliates; nor does this Agreement grant to you any right or license to any other intellectual property rights of Chiropractic Education Online or its affiliates, all of which shall at all times remain the exclusive property of Chiropractic Education Online and its affiliates.
Chiropractic Education Online gives no warranties in respect of any aspect of the Virtual Event or any materials related thereto or offered at the Virtual Event and, to the fullest extent possible under the laws governing this Agreement, disclaims all implied warranties, including but not limited to warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, timeliness, and merchantability. 

The Virtual Event is provided on an “as-is” basis. The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the speakers, attendees, or sponsors at the Virtual Event are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of MbD or any employee thereof. Virtual Event makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability, or validity of any information presented by speakers, attendees or sponsors at a Chiropractic Education Online Virtual Event and will not be liable for any errors, omissions or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use. 

Chiropractic Education Online does not endorse, and expressly disclaims all liability relating to, any of the products or services provided by speakers, attendees, or sponsors.
Except as required by law, neither Chiropractic Education Online nor its affiliates shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential costs, damages or losses arising directly or indirectly from the Virtual Event or other aspect related thereto or in connection with this Agreement.
If you still have questions, Simply email and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.